Utility Rooms

Many homes have a utility room which is being underutilised. With a few clever storage ideas one of the smallest rooms in the home can deliver on performance and functionality.

We love creating practical yet beautiful designs that cater for all your storage needs, such as raising your washing machine off the floor in one of our clever, custom units. Now there is no more bending down to fill or empty the washing machine or tumble dryer. With the added benefit of a pull out shelf below the appliance, you are easily able to load your laundry basket or simply fold laundered clothes, thus replacing the function of the lost worktop, the shelf then easily slides away when no longer needed.

Gone are the days of dancing and tripping over the ironing board, we have the very solution with our specialist units to accommodate a place for all the tall, awkward items that are hard to house,
with these solutions laundry days are a dream.

It’s not just the washing that we have thought of, we have tall storage units with internal crates to store bottles for recycling, cleverly angled to make the placement of items super easy, once filled the whole crate simply lifts out for disposal.

Keeping all your cleaning products together on the pull out cleaning station that lifts away, gives you access to all the cleaning product you need, where ever you are in the home.

If you have the space why not turn a corner of your utility into a boot room? We can provide built in shoe storage, seating and handy hooks for coats.

Whatever your needs we have solutions to make your utility room the star of your home.

Photos: Beckermann Kuchen

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