Why choose an induction hob?

In light of the recent COP26 in Glasgow, we are reviewing our eco-friendly kitchen options and revisiting the virtues of induction cooking.

Changing to an induction hob is a small change we can all make when we remodel our kitchen. Induction hobs use magnetic forces to transfer energy so heat is generated directly to the base of the pan. Approximately 90% of the energy is transferred to heat compared to about 60% for gas and 30% for ceramic hobs.

Induction hobs also give multi zone flexibility and gone are the days of having to move a pan off a burner to lower the temperature quickly. Induction hobs can see a boiling pan go to simmer in seconds.

As it is only the base of the pan that heats up, spillages do not burn onto the hob surface making it simple to wipe away any over spill with no scrubbing needed.

Some induction hobs also have the option of 13amp connection so everyone can benefit from this clean practical appliance while helping the planet.

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