Kitchen Trends for 2024

Kitchen trends in 2024 will be shaped by four major factors :- Space, sustainability, wellbeing and the cost of living market uncertainty. 

Designs will be sleek and seamless, integrated, multifunctional appliances and sustainable, eco-friendly products and finishes. The use of natural materials and colour palettes of earthy tones, will create warmth, wellness and nature-inspired themes. We are also seeing more people interested in the bold use of metallics in fixtures and fittings and layered lighting to create ambience moods.

Air quality has become an increasing concern for consumers, effective extraction is a growing trend which will benefit the wellbeing of customers. We have seen a rise in venting hob sales, which we believe will carry on through this year. There will be a mix of open and concealed, clever storage solutions to help declutter the home, to give the illusion of space. Sliding doors and pocket doors are also a great ways of shutting off an area, such as a work space, to create a more relaxing environment.

Islands are here to stay as a multifunctional workstations with breakfast bar seating to entertain. Open plan living also continues to be popular. Sleek kitchen furniture is being used in living spaces to merge the two areas together and create a harmonious, relaxed environment.

An emphasis on budget and ‘look for less’ will continue as consumers seek cost effective solutions without compromising on style. Sustainability, valuing energy efficiency, product longevity and overall quality. 

Let us help you create a home that becomes your sanctuary for relaxation and recharging.

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