Expo Germany 2018

The Kitchen Mile and Area 30 Exhibition in Lohne, Germany.

Fantastic few days at the eighth Area 30 Exhibition in Germany. Great to see the latest in kitchen design, appliances & accessories. There were over 130 exhibitors from the leading manufacturers to niche providers. We also visited our German supplier, Beckermann as part of the ‘Kitchen Mile’ and are very exited about their beautiful new ranges and innovative kitchen ideas. We are delighted their concrete effect range Silvia Beton is now also available in white and black. Our showroom display of the Conrete Dark and Apline have been very popular as I’m sure these new colours will be. They also have a new Steel range which is made on genuine metal, surfaced finished with acrylic resin and electon-beam hardened (nanotechnology).

To see these new finishes, the latest trends & up to date technology, please call into our showroom and see us!

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