Free Quooker Kettle Tap

We are offering a Free Nordic Quooker kettle tap system when purchasing a kitchen from us. The Nordic Quooker tap available in this offer has a polished chrome finish and is available with either a square or round spout. The offer includes a PRO3 tank, which provides 3 litres of instant boiling water. The RRP for the Nordic Quooker tap in Chrome is £950. This offer is subject to T&C’s and can not be used in conjunction with any other offer. Please see below for details.

Why choose Quooker?

Quooker kettle taps deliver boiling water straight from the tap – safely and instantly. You will save time, energy and water in your kitchen, as you only take the exact amount of hot water you need. Which also helps the environment. The average electric kettle can only boil a maximum of 1.7 litres at a time. Quooker kettle taps provide up to 3 litres of boiling hot water to be drawn off at once. Great for spaghetti, boiling vegetables or anything else where a lot of hot water is needed. The Quooker kettle taps also have a pot-filler function, which allows you to take your thumb off the button – leaving you with both hands free for holding heavy pots.

For your safety the Quooker taps have a childproof handle. The tap’s entire spout is insulated and the water is delivered as an aerated spray, not as a solid jet of water. Therefore there is less of a risk of serious scalds and burns.

The kettle tap was invented by Henri Peteri in 1970 and now the Quooker kettle tap features in over 500,000 kitchens all around the world. As inventors of the kettle tap their products have unique features such as the compact size of their tanks and the fact they can be opened and rinsed out from time to time to get rid of limescale. This ensures a longer life for the kettle system. They are also the only kettle tap that dispenses water at 100 degrees!

If you would like to upgrade your Nordic Quooker tap to a different Quooker model or finish there will be an additional charge. This also applies if you require a PRO7 or Combi tank or you wish to purchase the Quooker cube. For full offer details please see our terms and conditions below.

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