Eco-Friendly Kitchens

At Cloppenbourne Kitchens it’s important to us as an independent company to have a wide selection of products on offer to our clients. We also feel that within our selection it’s our duty as a responsible retailer to offer eco-friendly options and alternatives.

This is why all of our kitchen suppliers are part of a Sustainable Forestry Management scheme. In addition all our German kitchens have undergone stringent tests to ensure their entire production has been classed as environmentally friendly. This includes all aspects of packaging, recycling, disposal, transportation and energy production. All the material used and processes in production are recognised as not being harmful to the environment.

It’s not only our kitchens that are eco-friendly, so are our worktops, for example our Neolith sintered stone worktops are made of 100% natural materials with up to 52% of that comprising of recycled raw materials. Neolith is resin free and does not release any harmful substances into the environment.

We also have Compac Obsidiana which is 100% recycled and recyclable along with Silestone Hybriq+, a new high-performance blend of premium minerals, Quartz and recycled glass made through a manufacturing process completely fuelled by renewable energy and recycled water.

We offer eco-friendly appliances from all the leading brands such as Miele and Siemens, that have excellent energy rating and clever energy technology.

Kettle tap also reduce energy consumption dramatically which is why we are currently offering a free kettle tap with our kitchens (see our T&C’s) whilst sparkling water taps such as the Quooker Cube and Grohe Blue, reduce plastic bottle usage.

We also have splashbacks which are 100% recyclable, require low energy and are eco-friendly in production.

Please ask in store to find out more about our eco-friendly kitchen options.

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