Colour & your kitchen

Colours can have a huge influence on our mood and well being. Incorporating colours into your kitchen design can have the same effect. Not everyone is going to want a bold statement but even adding an accent of colour can make your kitchen more personal and give you that wow-factor.

We offer a bespoke colour service so you can choose the exact shade of colour that is right for you and your room. Many of our ranges offer any RAL or NCS colour choices in a matt or gloss finish. These international colour systems give you thousands of colour options to choose from! At CLOPPENbourne Kitchens we also offer an in-house bespoke spraying service based in our New Forest workshop. Whether you would like a bright splash-back or feature island doors, the sky is the limit. We also offer over 30 carcass colours, which is another way of making your kitchen a little more bespoke.

In recent years deep blues and greens have been and continue to be, popular kitchen colours and now we are also seeing dark burgundy and pinks, increasing in popularity. Not everyone is going to want a vibrant look – natural tones and materials are also very popular at the moment and create a calming and relaxing atmosphere. Mixing and matching textures can create interest in a more subtle way.

The amount of natural daylight in a room is also very important when choosing the correct tone of colour. There are a number of ways of adding light to create the right ambiance. From traditional under cupboard lighting to strip lights along handleless rails and illuminated shelving, as with all kitchen elements there is a huge variety of options and finishes.

If you are unsure where to start with colour or lighting, why not call into one of our showrooms in New Milton or Hedge End and speak to one of our qualified interior designers?

We can help you achieve a harmonious space with the correct balance of colour for you and your home.

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