Our BOURNEexpress range is Ready To Go

A selection of kitchens in standard colours and sizes, delivered in 7 days.

If you are looking for a well made kitchen quickly, that will not break the budget, our BOURNEexpress flat-pack range is a great option.

Unlike our BOURNEbespoke ranges which are fully flexible in colour, size and design, our BOURNEexpress range has a selection of 6 or more standard door colours to choose from. Designs range from contemporary slab doors to handleless options and traditional shaker styles.

Our BOURNEexpress carcasses come in 5 colour options (4 colour options for the handleless range) Quick and easy to install, all cam and dowel fittings are pre-inserted. Simply push panels in position and lock in place with a screwdriver for a strong, ridged construction. Holes are also pre-drilled for drawers and shelf positioning for a quick and simple installation. The base cabinets are 18mm thick including the back panel, making them strong and durable.

Please visit one of our showrooms to pick up a brochure and choose the kitchen that suits you.

We also have a wide range of worktops, sinks, appliances and accessories that can be purchased with your kitchen.

For ‘Any Style – Any Size – Any Colour’ please contact us about our BOURNEbespoke ranges.

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