Siemens – Free Upgrade

Upgrade to steam for free!
Get an automatic free upgrade as part of your kitchen design between 1st February – 30th April 2020.
If you purchase a CM585AMS0B compact microwave with hotAir cooking you will receive a free automatic upgrade to a CP565AGS0B compact microwave with fullSteam.  

CP565AGS0B features and functions
A 45 cm high built-in microwave with hot air and steam function for gentle preparation of dishes in the shortest possible time.
– The unique CP565AGS0B offers three appliances in one, allowing you to microwave, steam and oven cook

– cookControl30: automatic programs ensure best results

– fast preheat: reach the required baking temperature sooner

– hotAir for optimum baking results thanks to ideal heat distribution

*Orders placed between 1st February – 30th April 2020 qualify. Delivery must be no later than 31st May.

Appliance Details

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