Summer Offer

Free Kettle Tap Promotion. Enjoy kettle hot water in an instant with our may offer.

Choose from Grohe, Quooker, Reginox or Perrin and Rowe for your free kettle tap, subject to terms and conditions.

Kettle taps deliver filtered, hot water straight from the tap – safely and instantly. You will save time, energy and water in your kitchen, as you only take the exact amount of hot water you need. The average electric kettle can only boil a maximum of 1.7 litres at a time. Kettle taps have a useful pot-filling function that allows up to 3 litres of kettle hot water to be drawn off at once. Great for a spaghetti feast or anything else where a lot of hot water is needed. Some of the kettle taps have a pot-filler function, which allows you to take your thumb off the button – leaving you with both hands free for holding heavy pots.

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